Do you lie awake for what seems like hours without dropping off, or wake during the night without being able to get back to sleep?

Does your mind race with thoughts about the day just gone or worry about the future?  

Do you feel rubbish the next day because of your poor sleep?


Insomnia affects 35% of us.  CBT and CBH are well-suited for dealing with insomnia as they seek to understand what is going on with emotions, behaviours, and thoughts, while targeting the cause(s) and maintenance of insomnia.  CBH provides you with practical ways to address it day to day, outside of the therapy room, allowing you to set aside current negative methods of sleep management using pharmacology, other substances, or just accepting that poor sleep is part of you.

Often linked to anxiety, stress, or worry, your insomnia may just be habitual and something you put up with because you have been unable to resolve it.   CBH offers a wide range of techniques to treat insomnia with compelling, researched evidence for their effectiveness (70-80% showing improvement because of treatment).  Techniques include behavioural strategies, cognitive restructuring, sleep hygiene, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and self-hypnosis.  

Caution if you are using a sleep app — they can lead to obsession with measuring and monitoring ‘sleep quality,’ to the extent you end up with a problem that you never actually had before or a greater problem than you originally had!  If you are obsessed by sleep quality, get rid of the app, or use of smart watches at night!